• C. D. Field's Law on Burden of Proof (HB) by Delhi Law House


  1. Production and Effect of Evidence
  2. Burden of Establishing the Existence of Fact
  3. On whom Burden of Proof Lies
  4. Burden of Proof as to Particular Fact
  5. Double Burden of Proof
  6. Burden of Proving Exceptions under Indian Penal Code and  Other Laws
  7. Burden of Providing Facts Especially within Knowledge
  8. Presumption of Continuance of Life
  9. Presumption Regarding Death
  10. Burden of Proof As to Relationship
  11. Burden of Proof as to Ownership
  12. Burden of Proof good faith in Transactions
  13. Presumption as to Certain Offences
  14. Presumption as to The Legitimacy of Children Born during Lawful wedlock
  15. Proof of Cession of Territory
  16. Presumption as to Abetment of Suicide by a Married Women
  17. Presumption as to Dowry Death
  18. Court May Presume Existence of Certain Acts
  19. Presumption as to Absence of Consent in Certain Prosecutions for Rape

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C. D. Field's Law on Burden of Proof (HB) by Delhi Law House

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