• Vikas Publishing House's Financial Derivatives Test & Cases by Prakash B Yaragol

Financial Derivatives—Text and Cases has been written primarily for the students of MBA, MCom, MFC, MIB and so on, who wish to study the subject as a part of their specialization in the area of finance. It will also be useful to finance professionals. It is written in a very simple language and presented in a neat style, covering entire spectrum ranging from the basics to advanced aspects of financial derivatives. One focus of the book is on the recent developments in the area. 
The book sets the direction of every chapter by laying down course outcomes at the beginning of each chapter. Judicially supplementing and substantiating the main text are figures and charts, tables, numerical illustrations, different types of questions such as fill in the blanks, true/false, short answer questions and essay type questions. Every chapter ends with a brief summary of the entire text of the chapter which helps the reader to grasp the important aspects of the chapter.

Key Features of the book are :

  • Solved Problems: A large number of numerical problems solved for complete understanding of derivatives of various degrees of complexity. The book contains 240 illustrations/solved problems
  • Try Yourself: To engage students and help them to solve problems on their own. Answers to all questions are also provided to enable students to cross check the answers.
  • Case Studies: Along with analytical solutions to apply the concepts in real life situations. 
  • Excel Calculations: Excel calculations of selected problems provided to enable the reader to show calculations cross check answers.
  • Web Links: With every chapter, a list of useful web links will help students to explore further and also to take up projects
  • Annexures: A rich appendage of a list of Formulae, Glossary, a list of Stocks and Indices traded in BSE and NSE (F&O), and Major global derivative exchanges, to enhance practical utility of the book.

Contents of the Book :

  • 1. An Overview
  • 2. Forwards and Futures
  • 3. Option Contracts
  • 4. Financial Swaps
  • 5. Interest Rate Derivatives
  • 6. Commodity Derivative Market
  • 7. Value-at-Risk
  • 8. Credit Risk Management (Credit Derivatives)
  • 9. Accounting and Tax Aspects of Financial Derivatives


  • 1. Normal Distribution Tables
  • 2. Formulae
  • 3. Glossary
  • 4. List of Stocks/ Indices Traded at BSE and NSE (F&O)
  • 5. List of Major Global Derivative Exchanges

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Vikas Publishing House's Financial Derivatives Test & Cases by Prakash B Yaragol

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