• Centax Publication's Ex-Cus GST Library by R. K. Jain (Renewal for Year 2020 - Sub No. is must !!)

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About Excus:

It is an 'Electronic Library' for Central Excise, Customs, Service Tax and other related laws. 

  1. It provides entire case-law (reported in the ELT [Excise Law Times] till date.
  2. Circulars and Notifications on a click of the mouse.
  3. It provides a powerful Search Wizard to extract any information using 8 different criteria, like subject, statute, number, date, name of party, court/authority, name of judge, citation.
  4. Un-specific querries are also searched easily.
  5. Updates are quaterly (once in every 3 months).
  6. Data usage valid till December, unless renewed. 

EXCUS is a multimedia CD-ROM designed to simultaneously retrieve information relating to Case Law, CBEC Circulars and Notifications on Central Excise, Customs and allied laws instantly. It allows you to search information using a varied range of parameters such as Subject, Keyword, Statute Number, Date and Year of issue etc. Besides, a specially developed "Advance Search" feature allows you to retrieve the results even if the query is not very specific or is loosely phrased.

EXCUS keeps a track of any subsequent modification or development for retrieved information. It flashes a Red Alert on the top of text window as well as an audio message for any subsequent development. This helps the user in knowing the current status of the information, he is going to use.

Exhaustive hyperlinks in the EXCUS allows you to surf through linked information with least strain. For important related information, audio and visual signals make sure that you always notice them. Microsoft Genie reads for you any selected text and also flashes audio messages.

Search results can be refined upto any level on any combination of parameters and you can always scroll back to any step..

Authentic "Headnotes" and "Catchnotes" of Excise Law Times (E.L.T.), full text of Cases, Circulars and Notifications combined with the powerful Search and Study features of EXCUS definitely make a unique combination for mining information on the subject of Excise, Customs and Allied Laws.

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Centax Publication's Ex-Cus GST Library by R. K. Jain (Renewal for Year 2020 - Sub No. is must !!)

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