Prem & Chaturvedi's Law of Writs and Other constitutional remedies is an analytical treatise covering Comprehensively Supreme Court decisions from 1950 to date on the subject together with relevant extracts from various High Court Rules and Supreme ourt Rules & Practice relating to writs with a useful chapter on Practice & Procedure and Model forms of different types of Writs Petition.

Law of Writs and Other constitutional Remedies : Volume 1

  1. Origin and History of Writs and Judicial Review
  2. Scheme and Scope of Writs'
  3. Article 32 - Scope and Interpretation
  4. Fundamental Rights - A Dialogue
  5. Writs Generally under Article 32
  6. Writs Generally under Article  226
  7. Public Interest Litigation and Judicial Activism - Extended Arms of Writ Jurisdiction
  8. Writ of Habeas Corpus
  9. Writ of Certiorari
  10. Writ of Mandamus
  11. Writ of Prohibition
  12. Writ of Qua Warranto
  13. Emergencies and Writs
  14. Petition under Article 227

Law of Writs and Other constitutional Remedies : Volume 2

  1. The Homily on Human Rights
  2. Dispute Between States or Between the Union and States
  3. Provision for Appeal to Supreme Court and Appeals Generally under Article 132
  4. Appeal to Supreme Court in Civil Matters Article 133
  5. Appeal to Supreme Court in Criminal Matter Article 134,  1458
  6. Certificate for Appeal and Devolution of Federal Court's Jurisdiction - Articles 134A and 135
  7. Plenary Power of Supreme Court to Grant Special Leave to Appeal - Article 136
  8. Review Petition and Curative petition before the Supreme Court
  9. Drafting and Contents of Petitions
  10. Practice and Procedure

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Bharat Law Publication's Law of Writs and Other Constitutional Remedies by Daulat Ram Prem, Dr. R. G. Chaturvedi [2 HB Edn.]

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