• Akalank's Indian Boiler Regulations by Narendra and Akalank Kumar Jain, Vidhi Jain

The book contains complete text of Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950 as amended upto date by All amendments issued and Notified in Gazette of India by Central Boilers Board, Government of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, New Delhi (as amended by The Indian Boiler (Amendment) Regulations, 2017) Highlights of the Amendments in 2017 edition Amends Regulation 4H relating to Remnat Life Assessment Organization, Regulation 4J relating to Central Boilers Board Authorisation Process , Competent Person Diary, Insertion of New Appendix M: Time Limits for Various Activities, Previous Amendments were in Regulation 4, Regulation 290, New Reg. 385 (Regitration Fee), New Reg.385A ( Inspection Fee for Renewal of Certificate), New Reg.392 (Repairs to Boilers and Steam Pipes), New Reg.395 (Submission of Plans of Steam Pipes), New Reg.395A Inspection Fee for Boilers and Part thereof constructed in India, New Reg.395B ( Inspection Fee for Pipes, New Reg.395C (Inspection fee for Valves and Flanges, New Reg.395E Inspection Fee for Feed Water Heaters and Other Fittings, New Reg.395G Inspection fee for Spares and Boiler Components, New Reg.533 (Registration Fee, New Reg.533A Fee for Renewal of Certificate, New Reg.534B (Submission of Plans of Feed Pipes, Reg. 592, Reg. 605A, New Reg.616 (Fees for Examination of Welders, New Reg.617 (Penalty) Form IIIA, Form IIIB, New Form IV, New Appendix J Amendments in Early 2015 Exemption of Boiler or Boiler Components New Standard Requirements for Materials, Manufacture, Certificates, Drawings and Specifications, New Regulations for Application for Recognition New Regulations for Minimum Qualification New Regulations for Requisite Mountings, Fittings and Auxiliaries New Regulations for Procedure of Registration New Regulations for Memorandum of Inspection Book New Regulations for Ageing of Boilers New Regulations for Impact Test New Regulations for Initial qualification test and issue of certificate.



  1. General Requirements, application of Standard Condition and Exceptions thereto
  2. Materials of Construction steel Plates, Rivets, Section and Bars in Carbon Steel
  3. Construction and Workmanship
  4. Regulations for Determining the Working Pressure to be allowed on Various Parts of Boilers other than fusion welded and Seamless forged Drums
  5. Fusion Welded and Seamless forged drums for Water tube Boilers and Superheaters
  6. Valves, Gauges and Auxiliaries
  7. Boiler and Superheater Tubes, Headers & other Parts
  8. Steam-Pipes and Fittings
  9. Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes A. Safety of Persons inside Boilers
  10. Electrode Boilers
  11. Standard Condition for the Design and Construction of Economisers, Feed Pipes, Feed Heaters and Other Similar Vessels
  12. Shell Type Boilers of Welded Construction
  13. Qualification Test for Welders engaged in welding of boilers and Steam-pipes under construction, Erection and Fabrication at site in India and in Repairing Boilers and steam-Pipes by Welding
  14. Small Industrial Boilers
  15. Feed Water for Boiler
The Schedule:

The Boiler Operation Engineers Rules, 2011 & The Boiler Attendants Rules, 2011

  1. Preliminary
  2. General
  3. Board of Examiners
  4. examination
  5. Certificate
  6. Application for Examination
  7. Eligibility Criteria
  8. Syllabus for Examination
  9. Mode of Examination
  10. Grant of Certificates
  11. Enquiry
The Chief Inspector, Deputy Chief Inspectors and Inspectors (Qualification and Experience) Rules, 2012

The Boiler Appeal Rules, 2013

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Akalank's Indian Boiler Regulations by Narendra and Akalank Kumar Jain, Vidhi Jain

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