• Eastern Book Company's Interpretation of Statutes For B.S.L & L.L.B by Vepa P. Sarathi

The work covers some very important topics, which deal with special problems arising in the interpretation of statutes. In this edition, the author thinks to have conclusively established that there is only one rule of interpretation of an enactment and that is, to find out precisely the object of an enactment, then consider the various meanings of the related words and phrases and choose those meanings which fit the context and achieve the object.

The discussion of the different topics covered in the respective chapters is supported by a wealth of authorities consisting of the writings of jurists, and judgments, both Indian and foreign. The author has included relevant cases to support his theory as also to explain the scope and expose the usefulness with respect to the Literal Rule, Golden Rule and the Subsidiary Rules. Further, table of cases, a detailed subject index in addition to useful Maxims enhance the utility of the book.

The book has been imparted an all new beautiful look and is bound in imported black baladeck with gold lettering on the cover and excellent printing and layout on superfine paper.

The book is a prescribed text for LL.B. and LL.B. (Hons) programme, as per the UGC Model curriculum applicable from July, 2002 and will be found useful for practitioners and an inquisitive scholar.



 CHAPTER I	:	Introduction    3
 CHAPTER II 	:	General Rules of Interpretation     30
 CHAPTER III	:	Presumptions     237
 CHAPTER IV	:	Internal Aids     332
 CHAPTER V  	:	External Aids     418
 CHAPTER VI	:	Retrospective Effect of Statutes    466
 CHAPTER VII	:	Repeals and Temporary Statutes     495
 CHAPTER VIII	:	Taxing Statutes     513
 CHAPTER IX	:	Penal and Remedial Statutes     537
CHAPTER X	        :	Delegated Legislation     546
 CHAPTER XI	:	Miscellaneous   578
CHAPTER XII	:	Interpretation of the Constitution   625
CHAPTER XIII	:	Legislative Drafting   702

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Eastern Book Company's Interpretation of Statutes For B.S.L & L.L.B by Vepa P. Sarathi

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