• Universal's Law Relating to Financial Services by Graham Roberts

This well established guide to the law as it relates to corporate and retail banking cuts to the core of the legal (and non-legal) rules for besides covering legislation it also details the latest versions of the statutory Codes in full with a commentary on each one.The public perception of financial services law is at present dominated by the ramifications of the credit crisis, and the current focus is on the content of new regulations that will inevitably emerge as we attempt to prevent a repeat of this financial maelstrom.Then there are the upgraded deposit protection level. in case law, there is the long-awaited test case on the legality of charges imposed by banks on their customes, Office of Fair Trading v Abbey National, cases usch as K Ltd v national Westminster Bank on bank duties when accounts are frozen following suspicion f money laundering and the House of Lords decision on the applicability of connected lender liability when credit cards are used abroad.

  1. The Banker-Customer Relationship.
  2. Types of Customer.
  3. Consumer Credit Act Lending.
  4. Cheques- The Basic Law.
  5. Cheques- The Paying and Collecting Banks.
  6. Pper Payment Systems.
  7. Electronic Payment Systems.
  8. Automated Teller Machines.
  9. Debit Cards.
  10. Insolvency.

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Universal's Law Relating to Financial Services by Graham Roberts

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