• Taxmann's Demystifying ESG by Dr. Garima Dadhich, Dr. Ravi Raj Atrey

The book addresses the criticality of the Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) framework in the contemporary business world, especially in the Indian context. It aims to provide a conceptual understanding of ESG, extensively detailing each component (Environmental, Social, Governance).

The book is a practical guide for stakeholders like Sustainability & ESG Professionals, Students, Non-Financial Audit & Assurance Professionals, Board Members, Investors, Consumers, and Employees.

The Present Publication is the 2024 Edition, authored by Prof. Garima Dadhich and Dr. Ravi Raj Atrey, with the following noteworthy features:

  • [ESG as a Crucial Concept] The book emphasizes ESG as a vital and increasingly popular concept, highlighting its importance for the sustainability and competitiveness of businesses
  • [Relevance to Indian Context] It addresses the unique challenges and dilemmas faced in the adoption, integration, practice, and reporting of ESG within the Indian landscape
  • [Comprehensive Coverage] The book offers a conceptual understanding of fundamental ESG aspects and delves deep into each ESG component
  • [Practical Guidance] Readers are provided with a step-by-step guide to initiating and implementing ESG practices in a company
  • [Innovative Concepts] This book features unique contributions like the 'New Theory of Responsibility', advocating for responsible capitalism and a new age of responsibility
  • [Originality Approaches] It introduces original approaches for businesses to integrate ESG and benefit from positive practices genuinely
  • [Solar System Model of ESG] This book presents an innovative 'Solar System Model of ESG', exclusively developed by the authors
  • [Focus on Indian ESG Dynamics] This book analyses essential elements of ESG, specifically tailored to the Indian context

The detailed contents of the book are as follows:

  • [ESG – Definitions, Theories, & Models] – This chapter discusses the established definitions of ESG, tailoring them to the Indian context. It analyses the global and Indian evolution of ESG, presenting existing theories alongside a novel theory of responsibility. Various ESG models, including a new 'solar system model', are introduced for comprehensive understanding
  • [ESG in India] – Focusing on the Indian landscape, this chapter discusses the evolution of ESG in India, detailing the tools for integration, practice, measurement, rating, and reporting. It defines key concepts such as NGRBC and BRSR, explores the regulatory environment, and examines significant trends and issues in Indian ESG
  • [Beginning with ESG Journey in an Organization] – This practical chapter outlines steps for initiating an ESG journey within an organization. It covers baseline assessment, benchmarking, policy development, target setting, performance monitoring, auditing, and reporting. Additionally, it links ESG to branding, investing, profitability, and risk mitigation and aligns it with global goals like the SDGs
  • [Environmental Dimensions of ESG] – This chapter addresses India's environmental risks, responsible investing, and regulatory frameworks. Key concepts such as Climate Change, Carbon Accounting, Business and Biodiversity Conservation, and others are explored. It also introduces tools like EIA, CRZ, and Eco-labelling
  • [Social Dimensions of ESG] – This chapter discusses the social aspects of ESG, including risks, diversity and inclusion, human rights, community relations, and CSR. It also provides information on social impact certifications and auditing tools
  • [Governance Dimensions of ESG] – Redefining corporate purpose in the context of responsibility, this chapter revisits corporate performance, leadership, shareholder rights and duties, corporate governance in Indian law, and effective board management. It also discusses transparency, financial disclosure, and risk management, offering insights into global best practices
  • [ESG Trends, Challenges and Way Forward] – This concluding chapter offers insights into the current state of ESG in India, including key targets, challenges, and achievements. It discusses the benefits of adopting ESG practices, the role of government institutions, and perspectives on sustainable value addition and sustainability champions

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Taxmann's Demystifying ESG by Dr. Garima Dadhich, Dr. Ravi Raj Atrey

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