• Bloomsbury’s A Professional’s Guide to Real Estate Law and Practice in India by Sourish Mohan Mitra

Real estate touches everyone at some point of time in their lives and is much more than buying, selling or leasing immoveable property. It is a whole economy in itself and is often called one of the key drivers of the economy.
This book contains a collection of real-life situations faced by common people while undertaking real estate transactions. It provides historical perspective for the current legislations and their evolution from the 19th century British India through more than seventy four years of independent India to the 21st century. It captures modern day practices, malpractices and reforms in the real estate sector.
The book endeavours to bring out the practical nuances of dealing in real estate through numerous judicial pronouncements and contractual scenarios, which will enable everyone to understand the legal aspects and make informed choices while undertaking real estate transactions.

Key Features:

  • A curated commentary on real estate in India which is easy to read, comprehend and apply by everyone including lawyers, students, businessmen, investors, entities and the common people.
  • Holistic coverage of laws relating to real estate including their origin, evolution and impact on modern day governance structure.
  • Compilation of case laws spanning over a century which showcase the active role played by judiciary in interpreting the law.
  • Highlights the complexities of maintaining records and administrative angle which led to reforms and easy access for the general public.
  • Deep dive into some of the most common real estate transactions which touches our lives.
  • Dedicated chapter on common malpractices and fraudulent activities.
  • Practical instances on how to gear up to handle real estate transactions and avoid common pitfalls.

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Bloomsbury’s A Professional’s Guide to Real Estate Law and Practice in India by Sourish Mohan Mitra

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