About the Book:

This book discusses the Law of Pleadings in simple marathi language. It contains the forms and precedents related to civil pleading.

  1. Extracts from Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
  2. Samples of Suits
  3. Suits regarding Money
  4. Suits related to Rental Properties
  5. Suits on title
  6. Mortgage Suits
  7. Suits related to contracts
  8. Suits related to family and children
  9. Suits related to injunctions and declaration
  10. Various applications under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908

About the Author:

Adv. Sushma Dhanwate (Tarde)

About the Publisher:

Ashok Grover & Company, Aurangabad (MS) India

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Ashok Grover & Company's Law of Pleading in Marathi (Diwaani Vaadkathan) by Adv. Sushma Dhanwate

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