• Nabhi's Handbook on Disciplinary Proceedings by Geeta Ram

Contents of the book:

  1. Disciplinary Proceedings Vis-a-Vis Vigilance Continuum
  2. Understanding Charge Sheet
  3. Disciplinary Proceedings Mechanism
  4. Do's and Dont's for Inquiring Authority
  5. Ready reckoner for Presenting Officer [PO]
  6. Do's and Dont's for Presenting Officer [PO]
  7. Appraisal of Evidence
  8. Facets of Inquiry Report
  9. Principles of Natural Justice Vis-A-Vis Disciplinary Proceedings
  10. Distinction Between Preliminary Inquiry and Disciplinary Proceedings
  11. Distinction Between Disciplinary Proceedings and Judicial Proceedings
  12. Management of Delays in Disciplinary Proceedings
  13. Management of Court Room
  14. Epistemology of truth in the context of  Disciplinary Proceedings
  15. Pitfalls which Vitiate disciplinary Proceedings
  16. Right to Information Act Vis-A-Vis  Disciplinary Proceedings
  17. Deadwood Removal
  18. Making Defence Effective
  19. Advice for Witness
  20. Learning From Lord Genesha
  21. Perfect Questions and Perfect Answers
  22. Entitlement of the Inuiring Authority
  23. Concepts
  24. Case Law Digest
  25. References
  26. Sources of Information for Central Govt. Employees
  27. Sources of Further Information

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Nabhi's Handbook on Disciplinary Proceedings by Geeta Ram

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