About the book:

A Guide to Insurance claim protection strategy..


  1. Written in Simple Language.
  2. Topic-wise, simple and logical presentation.
  3. Subject covered from practical point of view
  4. Various procedures given in easy steps.
  5. Large print, Low Price, Limited Content.
  6. The Latest Amendments covered to the extent relevant.
  7. Summary of court rulings also provided.
  8. Reference Material, list of other books and Career Guide also provided in some books.
  9. Solutions to Practical Problems given.
  10. Internet Resources relating to topic.
  11. Updated all titles of the Series available at all times.
  12. Relevant forms and addresses given in all the Guides.
  13. Helpful to professionals, CAs, CSs, MBAs, Bankers, Business and Industries


  1. Introdunction.
  2. Life Insurance Policy Conditions & Priviledges.
  3. Claims Under Life Insurance.
  4. Fire Insurance.
  5. Fire Insurance Claims.
  6. Consequential Laws.
  7. Motor Insurance.
  8. Compensation in Motor Vehicle Accidents.
  9. Judgements on Cases of Motor Vehicle Accidents.
  10. Claim Procedure for Other Insurance

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Xcess Infostores Compensation in Motor Vehicle Accidents & Insurance Claims by Virendra K. Surana

  • Rs140.00

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