This book is an attempt for simplify the concepts of various dispute resolution mechanisms available in India. The object of the book is not onnly to highlight the merits of the system, but also to reflect the demerits, obstacles, difficulties and various shortcomings which have been brought into limelight in the recent past, through practical experimentations made in Lokadalats, Arbitration etc. This book is divided in 4 parts:

  1. Concepts of ADR, Structure of present judicial system, its problems & limitations.
  2. Various models of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Merits, Demerits
  3. Socio-Legal Survey of ADR System from Judges, Advocates, Mediators, Teachers, General public & Social workers.
  4. Appraisal of the ADR System, Future of ADR, Various Trends, etc

Few case-laws have also been added to enable the readers to understand the concepts clearly.

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Hind Law House's Alternative Dispute Resolving Mechanism (ADR) by Dr. Ujwala Sunil Shinde

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