• Bharat's Corporate Governance - A Practical Handbook by Dr. K.R.Chandratre & Dr. A.N. Navare
"Corporate governance” is the current buzzword in India as well as theworld over; it has become a matter of public interest around the world.The recommendations of the Kumarmangalam Birala Committee on CorporateGovernance have been implemented by the SEBI through the ListingAgreement. Clause 49 enjoins on all listed companies to implement andcomply with its requirements relating to corporate governance.

This book mainly focuses on the practical needs of the directors andexecutives of the listed companies who are concerned with thecompliance with the Code set out in Clause 49. Part II of the bookcontains a detailed analytical and explanatory commentary on thecontents of Clause 49 with the help of contemporary provisions of theCompanies Act and case law. A number of specimens and formats given atthe end of the Commentary would be of great practical assistance to theusers of the book. One of the specimens given is the model code of Conduct for Directors and Senior Executives. The book would prove to bean indispensable guidebook of practical value for day to day use.
Part I of the book consists of Legal Compliance and Reporting Manual.The purpose of this is to help companies put in place a system forlegal compliance, if there is none, and to enhance effectiveness of thesystem if one is already prevalent.
The Checklists and Tables set forth in this part should be useful forknowing compliances and detecting non-compliances. It needs to bementioned that the Manual is expected to assist companies to ensurecompliance with the requirement of clause 49(I)(C) (iii) of the ListingAgreement according to which the Board shall periodically reviewcompliance reports of all laws applicable to the company, prepared bythe company as well as steps taken by the company to rectify instanceof  non- compliances.
The book should be useful for, besides listed companies and theirdirectors, Company Secretaries and other executives, practicingChartered Accountants and Company Secretaries engaged in thecertification of compliance with Clause 49, SEBI and Stock Exchange officers and students of professional courses, etc.


Part I
Chapter 1    Overview of Corporate Governance
Chapter 2    Some Important Reports on Corporate Governance – Highlights
Chapter 3    Board of Directors and Independent Directors vis-à-vis Corporate Governance
Chapter 4    Board Committees and their Role, Responsibilities and Functions
Chapter 5    Perspectives of Corporate Governance
Chapter 6    Important Issues in Corporate Governance
Chapter 7    Stakeholders and Balancing Process of Stakeholders Interests
Chapter 8    Corporate Governance – Present and Future
Part II
Chapter 9    Corporate Governance – Present and Future
Reference Material on Corporate Governance

Appendix 1    Report of the Committee Appointed by the SEBI on Corporate Governance
                      under the Chairmanship of Shri Kumarmangalam Birla
Appendix 2    CII’s Desirable Corporate Governance Code
Appendix 3    Code of Best Practice Recommended by Cadbury Committee for effective
                      corporate governance.
Appendix 4    Malaysian Company Director’s Code of Ethics
Appendix 5    Financial Reporting Council the Combined Code on Corporate Governance
Appendix 6    Blue Ribbon Committee on Improving the Effectiveness of Corporate Audit
Appendix 7    Principles of Corporate Governance released by the organization for
                      Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Appendix 8    Rabo India Finance Limited Code of Corporate Governance
Appendix 9    IRDA’s Corporate Governance Guidelines
Appendix 10  RBI’s Guidelines on Corporate Governance for NBFC’s
Appendix 11  Report of the Naresh Chandra Committee on Corporate Audit and
Appendix 12  Report of the SEBI Committee on Corporate Governance
Appendix 13  Corporate Governance Voluntary Guidelines, 2009

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Bharat's Corporate Governance - A Practical Handbook by Dr. K.R.Chandratre & Dr. A.N. Navare

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