• Eastern Law House's Privatization and Globalization [HB] by Sairam Bhat

As one of the premiere law schools in India, NLSIU aims to provide a platform for individuals from all walks of life and professions to come together and put forth their opinions on varied intellectually stimulating legal issues, national or international, which greatly contributes to continuing legal education. The year 1991, which dawned with an economic crisis in the country, it was by virtue of this divergent Policy that aimed to open new avenues for the economy to grow. The LPG Policy was considered the window of great opportunity for India, to formally enter into international market as a potential contender of being a successful competitor in terms of trade, investment, multi-faceted business avenues etc. Completing two and a half decades of these reforms, this book, divided into four distinct parts, covers four cardinal areas where the influence was prominent, namely, Developments in Constitutional Law which covers the Non-Profit Sector's response to globalization, illicit financial inflows influencing Sustainable Development and the Judicial pronouncements of the Supreme Court affected by globalization and liberalisation and concluding with the constitutional response to economic liberalisation; The second part of the book covers the Regulatory Developments in the fields of Competition Laws and the regulations of Cartels, abuse of dominant position, and the enforcement of Competition law through private action. It traces the competition law regimen in the Post 1991 economic scenario in India and its impact with reference to consumer welfare; The third part discusses Human Rights and Justice Perspectives which chiefly discuss labour organizing and the rise of non-traditional forms of worker's organizations and also of achieving justice via independent tribunals and forums.

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Eastern Law House's Privatization and Globalization [HB] by Sairam Bhat

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