About The Book;

 As per the Latest Syllabus of C.P.T. issued by Board of Studies,

    The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.  With Mock Test Series.

 It contains Multiple Choice Questions (theory Based); Fill in the blanks ; amd Numerical based Multiple choice Questions.

  The book has been written in a simple language and clear style so to enable the students to understand all the topics prescribed in the syllabus.

Each chapter of the book reveals a refreshing new touch with scores of valuable points,

the students is unlikely to find in any other book.

Every concept has been explained with the help of solved examples.

  The diagrams and graphs have been neatly and correctly drawn in such a way that the students have the complete understanding of the problem by simply looking at them.

It contains questions as per the pattern of the CPT Examination Papers held till date.

Table Of Content;

Statistical Description Of Data

Measures Of Central Tendency Or Averages

Measures Of Dispersion

Correlation Analysis

Regression Analysis

Sampling And Estimation Theory


Expected Value By Mathematical Expectation

Theoretical Distributions

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S. Chand's Quantitative Aptitude - Statistics CA-CPT by Dr. P.N. Arora

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