Part 1 The Indian Contract Act, 1872

  1. Nature And Kinds Of Contract Of Contract
  2. Offer And Acceptance
  3. Consideration
  4. Capacity To Contract
  5. Free Consent
  6. Legality Of Object And Consideration, 
  7. Void Agreements 
  8. Contingent Contracts
  9. Quasi Contracts
  10. Performance Of a Contract
  11. Discharge Of A Contract
  12.  Breach Of Contract

Part II The Sale Of Goods Act, 1930

  1. Nature And Formation of Contract of Sale
  2. Conditions And Warranties
  3. Transfer of Ownership And Delivery of Goods
  4. Un Paid Seller And His Rights

Part III The Indian Partnership Act, 1932

  1. General Nature Of Partnership
  2. Registration of a Firm
  3. Rights And Duties Of Partners (Mutual Relations of Partners)
  4. Liblities Of The Firm And Its Partners And Reconstitution of a Firm
  5. Dissolution of a Firm

Part IV Model Test Papers

Part V Mock Test Series

Part VI Revision Test Papers

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S. Chand's Mercantile Laws For CA-CPT 3/e by PPS Gogna

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