• Mantha Ramamurti's Law of Adverse Possession [HB] by Delhi Law House

This book is an analytical, comparitive and critical study of the case law update in a lucid language weeding out overruled cases, necessary and obsolete materials. The present revised edition is a vast improvement upon its predecessor carried out with painstaking care and meticulous accuracy. This book will be found very useful by the members of the Bench and the Bar, who will find it very helpful to locate the Law on the Subject

Table of Contents:

  1. Earlier Concept of Owenership and Possession
  2. Possession / Adverse
  3. Proof and Burden of Proof
  4. Constructive Possession and Symbolical Possession
  5. Permissive Possession
  6. Dispossion and Discontinuance of Possession
  7. Tacking / No Adverse Possession
  8. Co-owners, Co-shares, Co-heirs and Co-tentants
  9. Minor and Lunatic
  10. Motgagor and Mortagagee
  11. Landlord and Tenant
  12. Licence
  13. Lessor and Lesee
  14. Donor and Donee, Mines and Minerals
  15. Trusts, Religious Endowments and Service Inams
  16. Service Tenure, Service Inams, Watan Lands, Saranjan Lands, Ghatwali Tenure, Jagir Punti Lands & Heriditory office
  17. Easements
  18. Fishery Rights
  19. Submerged Land
  20. Vacant Sites and Waste Lands
  21. Widow's Estate
  22. Acts of user whether Adverse
  23. Pleading
  24. Suit based on Possessory Title
  25. Suit by person dispossessed of immovable property
  26. Proceeding under Sec. 145, Cr. P. C

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Mantha Ramamurti's Law of Adverse Possession [HB] by Delhi Law House

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