• Lal's Commentary on The Copyright Act, 1957 & Rules, 2012 Revised by Adv. Ajay Sahni By Delhi Law House

Lal's Commentary on Copyright Act, 1957 has acquired for itself a place of pride and distinction in the law on the subject. In revising this dynamic treatise, unique in its style, general scheme of well planned work of original author kept intact so far as possible and practicable.

The present edition of the book is not a mere digest of cae law or hybrid collection of comflicting views, but a systematic readable commentary which clearly explains legal principles concerning the subject of copyright.

Table of Contents:

  1. Law relating to Ownership of Copyright and the Right of the Owners, Term of Copyright, Copyright Societies, Rights of Broadcasting Organisation and of Performers, International Copyright, Compulsory Licence for benefit of Disable, Registration of Copyright Statutory License for Cover Versions Statutory License for Brodcasting of Literary and Musical Works and Sound Recording, Licence for Translation, Licence for Publication, Translation and Re-Production of Work, Performers' Society,  Registration of Copyright, Importation of Infringing Copies, Technological Protection Measures with Latest Case Laws.
  2. Designs Act, 2000 and Design's Rules, 2001
  3. International Copyright Order, 1999
  4. Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 1998 (Extract)
  5. Trademarks Act, 1999 & Trade Marks Rules, 2002
  6. Patents Act, 1970 & Rules 2003
  7. Trade Marks Act, 1999 & Trade Marks Rules, 2002
  8. Trade Marks (Applications and Appeals to the Intellectual Property Applleate Board) Rules, 2003
  9.  Intellectual Property Applleate Board (Salaries and Allowances Payable to other Terms and Conditions of Service of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Vice Chairman and Members) Rules, 2003
  10.  Intellectual Property Applleate Board (Procedure) Rules, 2003

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Lal's Commentary on The Copyright Act, 1957 & Rules, 2012 Revised by Adv. Ajay Sahni By Delhi Law House

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