About the Book:

The present text, Personnel Management, is a humble attempt to present the above changes in a concise form. How companies are trying to make use of human resources in the best possible manner, over the years, − is precisely the subject matter of the book. Originally developed by Prof. Mamoria, the book has enjoyed phenomenal popularity for over three decades now and still enjoys the blessings of students, researchers, teachers, consultants and corporate chiefs − all over India. To live up to the expectations of a growing number of students, researchers and teachers who make use of the text in various platforms, an attempt is now being made now to revise the contents and bring them uptodate. Some of the key developments that make the text a compelling choice for students, researchers and teachers may be catalogued thus:

  • Textual Matter
  • Examples, Insights, Experiences from Corporate World
  • Study Aids
  • Quizzes, Terminology, Cases with Analyses
  • HRM in Practice

About the Author:

Dr. C.B. Mamoria was head of the department of Commerce and Management Studies at the University of Udaipur. Late Dr. Mamoria was also Professor of Business Administration. An authority on the subject, he contributed original ideas that formed part of his philosophy, well received in reputed seats of learning in India and abroad.
Among the numbers of classic works, to recall a couple are "dynamics of Industrial Relations", "Business Planning and Policy". A beacon light to the subjective seeker, although no more amongst us, has left behind his master works, now carried on in perpetuity.



Dr. V.S.P. Rao is a gold medalist at undergraduate and post-graduate level(s). He has authored and co-authored 15 books and has dozens of articles, papers, research publications to his credit. He has been awarded several government research grants to pursue studies in the fields of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour.

About the Publisher:

Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Late Shri D. P. Pandey (1938-2005), a pioneer in the area of educational publishing in India. Under his leadership HPH became one of the premier publishers in the domain of Academic Publishing in India.

HPH has published books in various categories such as Economics, Commerce, Management, Accounting, IT, Pure Sciences, Sociology, Psychology, Humanities, History...

While developing content in the above mentioned areas, HPH has always made it a point to validate the content by its team of experts, so that it is authentic and of excellent quality. HPH has its in-house production team, which gives specific treatment to content given by the authors.

Dr. Rao has conducted several training programmes for executives on behalf of reputed companies in India. A Fellow of Institution of Managers and BIMS, a former Director of MIM, Lucknow as well as Hyderabad and a former Professor at IMT, Ghaziabad. He is currently pursuing research in the areas of HRM, OB and General Management.

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Himalaya's Personal Management (Text & Cases) by C. B. Memoria and V. S. P. Rao

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