About the Book:

The book has retained its three main constituents − Labour welfare, Trade Unionism and Industrial Relations; but in a revised and reorganized form. Keeping in view, the significant impact of the cataclysmic changes taking place in the country under economic reforms commonly known as LPG model, i.e., Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation, the book presents the current scene in this field in a new and updated perspective.

Besides this, the book contains a new part added − `other important topics` which has a focus on diverse aspects like:

  • Issues of segments of Labour like − child labour, women workers.
  • Human Resource Management: HRM − as a present approach to handling of labour relations.
  • Labour Market: Problems pertaining to employment, i.e., displacement and utilization of labour.
  • 2nd National Commission on Labour and a gist of its recommendations.

Table of Contents:


  1. Growth of Modern Industry and Impact of Industrialization
  2. Concept of Labour Welfare
  3. Need and Scope of Labour Welfare
  4. Labour Welfare: Historical Development
  5. Labour Welfare Practices in Europe
  6. Labour Welfare Practices in India
  7. Agencies for Labour Welfare
  8. Social Security Measures
  9. Labour`s and Employer`s Views on Welfare


  1. Birth of the Trade Union Movement
  2. Trade Unions: Concept and Definition
  3. Trade Unionism in Advanced Countries (UK, USA and USSR)
  4. Trade Union in Developing Countries: India
  5. History of Labour Movement in India
  6. Characteristic Features of Indian Trade Unions
  7. Trade Unions: Types, Unions Security and Legislation


  1. Industrial Relations: Basic Outline
  2. A Broader Perspective
  3. Collective Bargaining
  4. Industrial Relations in India
  5. Industrial Relations at the Undertaking/Plant Level
  6. Machinery for the Settlement of Industrial Disputes
  7. Workers? Participation in Management
  8. Industrial Relations in the Public Sector
  9. Industrial Relations in the Small-Scale Sector
  10. Impact of I.L.O


  1. Human Resources Management (HRM)
  2. Women Workers
  3. Child Labour
  4. Labour Market and Employment an Updare
  5. Second National Commission on Labour

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Himalaya's Labour Welfare, Trade Unionism and Industrial Relations by S D Punekar, S B Deodhar & Saraswathi Sankara

  • Rs325.00

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