• Bharat's Commercial Contracts by R. Kumar (With Free Download)

This is a very useful books for anyone who belongs to the commercial field. Readers can benefit with improved contracting skills and know how. You can also save legal costs, by working more efficiently with lawyers, cutting the time your lawyer need to spend. Minimise negotiation deadlocks. Ensure the contract meets your needs and effectively manage all business risks. It can help you draft clear and unambigious contract which will help you achieve corporate objectives. Get transactions moved along faster, to get more business done. The Contents of the book are

  1. Commercial Agreements
  2. Purchase Agreements
  3. Lease Agreements
  4. Partnership Agreements
  5. Foreign Collaboration
  6. Restructuring - Merger, Acquisition & Amalgamation
  7. Banking / Financial Agreements
  8. Real Estate Construction & Service Contracts

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Bharat's Commercial Contracts by R. Kumar (With Free Download)

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