• LexisNexis's An Essential Guide to Buying Your First Property by Subhash Lakhotiya

Buying Your own house or plot is a dream for everyone. But there are too many aspects to consider before actually sealing a deal. The Book An Essential Guide to Buying Your First Property, which will help you tackle all questions relating to it. It Covers an exhaustive list of contents beginning from the purchase of Property, procedures for purchase of property, to making property agreements and financing the Property. The Book also talks about investment in property from a tax perspective and tax planning and implications. It includes suggestions on how to mortgage, rent and sell your Property. A Must have for all first time buyers. The book covers

  1. What is so Special about your First Home ?
  2. Points to Ponder when you buy your First Property.
  3. Your First Property - Should It Be in the Name of Your Wife?
  4. Real Estate in the Name of Minor Child
  5. Property Purchase in Your Daughter's Name.
  6. Joint Purchase of Your First Property.
  7. Procedure for purchase of Immovable Propertise
  8. Practicle and Simple Suggestions for Property Agreements
  9. Buying Your First Property : Checklist For Better Buy
  10. Tax Aspects of Property on Power of Attorney
  11. Home Finance for Your Property and Income Tax Planning
  12. Always invest in Residential Property with Loan to Save Income -Tax
  13. Do remember to Pay Stamp duty at Circle rate for Your First Property
  14. Never mortgage your First Property and Take Loan for Non-property-related Activity
  15. Real Estate Ownership and co-Applicant in a Loan
  16. Upgrading Your Residential Property - Look Before you Leap
  17. Ascertain Your Needs, only then buy Your First Property
  18. Residential flats and Apartments - Income Tax Consideration
  19. Why Should Investment in Property be Your First Choice from the Tax Point of View ?
  20. Selling Your Property : Check list to be during Sale of Your Property
  21. Letting Out Your first Property on Rent : Check List Before you Rent Out
  22. Unexplained Investment in Your First Property Attracting Intervention by Tax Authoritise.
  23. it Is Not Good Buying a Second Residential House property in Your Name
  24. Consult DTP Office if your First Home is Going to be Farm House
  25. Tax Planning for Party let Out and party Self-Occupied House Property
  26. Tax Implications of House Tax Payment on Your First House
  27. Registration of Sale Deed of home Property not Necessary for Income Tax
  28. Wealth Tax on Your First Property
  29. Frequently Asked questions Relating to your First Property
  30. My First Piece of real Estate
  31. Deduction For House Property Loss by the Employer
  32. Count Your Children before you Buy Your Dream Home
  33. Are you Going to Buy a Bigger House? Look Before You Leap

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LexisNexis's An Essential Guide to Buying Your First Property by Subhash Lakhotiya

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