• Universal's Practical Guide to Payment of Gratuity Act & Rules by H.L.Kumar

The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
1.    Short title, extent, application and commencement
2.    Definitions
2A. Continuous Service
3.    Controlling authority
4.    Payment of gratuity
4A. Compulsory Insurance
5.    Power to exempt
6.    Nomination
7.    Determination of the amount of gratuity
7A.  Inspectors
7B.  Powers of Inspectors
8.    Recovery of gratuity
9.    Penalties
10.  Exemption of employer from liability in certain cases
11.  Cognizance of offences
12.  Protection of action taken in good faith
13.  Protection of gratuity
13A. Validation of payment of gratuity
14.  Act to override other enactments, etc.
15.  Power to make rules
Day to Day Clarifications
Obligation of Employers under the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
1.    To give notice of application of the Act to the Controlling Authority
2.    To Make Payment of Gratuity to the Employee or his/her nomiee
3.    To determine the amount of gratuity
4.    To deposit the gratuity of a deceased employee under certain circumstances
5.    To give notice of opening, change or closure of establishment
6.    To display notice
7.    To obtain nomination from the employees
8.    To display the abstract of the Act and Rules
9.    Intimation to Authority about Payment of gratuity
10.  Penalties
The Payment of Gratuity (Central) Rules, 1972
Subject Index

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Universal's Practical Guide to Payment of Gratuity Act & Rules by H.L.Kumar

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