• EBC's Law of Arbitration & Conciliation & Alternate Dispute Resolution Systems [ADR] For B.S.L & L.L.B by Avtar Singh

This is a comprehensive study of Law of Arbitration and Conciliation and alternative dispute resolution systems. The 10th Edition, presents in a simple and lucid style the changed law as contained in the new Act, i.e. Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and includes a section dealing exhaustively with Alternative Disputes Redressal systems.

                The importance of arbitration lies in the fact that almost every commercial contract carries an arbitration clause. There is a wealth of Indian and English case law now available on this subject. The Supreme Court has brought to light some of the virtuous features of this new Act, and uncovered some weak areas, providing important guidelines for dispute settlement through conciliation. This edition thoroughly covers judicial contribution towards explanation of the statutory provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. For example, role of arbitration in cases involving allegations of frauds, malpractices, etc., committed in account books and manipulation of partnership finances; whether a Will or unilateral document constitutes an arbitration agreement; and whether Section 11, Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 is available for removal of an arbitrator.

                The work fully covers the syllabus for the subject as taught in LL B and LL M courses. This laudatory work of the eminent author, encompassing all the mechanisms of ADR particularly arbitration, will be of immense help to the students as well as junior lawyers.


PART I : Arbitration

  • 1. General Provisions
  • 2. Arbitration Agreement
  • 3. Composition of Arbitral Tribunal [Ss. 10–11]
  • 4. Jurisdiction of Arbitral Tribunals
  • 5. Conduct of Arbitral Proceedings
  • 6. Making of Arbitral Award and Termination of Proceedings
  • 7. Recourse Against Arbitral Award
  • 8. Finality and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards
  • 9. Appeals
  • 10. Miscellaneous

 PART II : Enforcement of Certain Foreign Awards

  • 1. New York Convention Awards
  • 2. Geneva Convention Awards

 PART III : Conciliation

 PART IV: Supplementary Provisions

  • First Schedule
  • Second Schedule
  • Third Schedule

 PART V: Alternative Disputes Redressal

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EBC's Law of Arbitration & Conciliation & Alternate Dispute Resolution Systems [ADR] For B.S.L & L.L.B by Avtar Singh

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