• Indian Factories & Labour Reports [Monthly Periodical]

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About the periodical:

[A Fortnightly Journal Reporting the Judgments of Supreme Court and High Courts with Acts, Rules, Amendments, Notifications and other useful material on Labour and Service Laws in India]

Special Features:

  1. Full Judgments of Supreme Court.
  2. Full Judgments of High Courts in India.
  3. Indian Factories & Labour Reports is the only fortnightly Journal and therefore prompt and early reporting is assured.
  4. Four volumes in a year from 2000 comprising about 6000 pages in Royal Size.
  5. About 1500 important Cases being reported in a year comprised in 4 volumes.
  6. Important Articles by various writers on Current Labour Problems.
  7. Summary of Cases useful to our subscribers also given.
  8. Consumer Price Index for workers also given.
  9. Important Central and State Acts, Rules, Notifications and Amendments also given.
  10. Large number of cases reported in Vol. 1 to 123 (1960 to 2009) have not been reported elsewhere.
  11. Excellent printing on superior paper.
  12. Prompt despatch of parts.

About the editors:

V.K. Kharbanda, B.Com., LL.B.
Editor : Factories & Labour Reports, Labour Law Digest (1923–2008) in 18 Vols. & 
Supreme Court Labour Judgments (1950-2009) in 24 Vols.
V.K. Kharbanda, B.Sc.
Editor : Factories & Labour Reports (FLR), All India Cases, Allahabad Law Reports, 
Revenue Decisions and Allahabad Criminal Cases

About the Publishers:

Law Publishing House, is one of the oldest & among the most reputed publishers of law books and journals in India & have been serving the legal fraternity since the year 1928. They are also amongst the largest publishers of legal journals publishing 8 legal journals in two languages. Their books & journals are widely subscribed by all dealing with labour & service laws & other legal matters throughout the country and find a prominent place in the libraries of Judges, leading advocates, leading companies & law institutions. Their Commentaries & Digests on Labour & Allied Laws have been widely acclaimed by both the Bench & the Bar as well as the Corporate world. Our monthly & fortnightly journals with nation wide & statewide circulation are also greatly patronised by all dealing with Labour, Civil, Criminal & Revenue Laws. Their latest monthly bound journal All India Cases started in 2003 has been highly acclaimed & appreciated & is being widely subscribed as a reference work by a large number of Judges, Lawyers and Law Libraries in the country.

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Indian Factories & Labour Reports [Monthly Periodical]

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