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This Book is written to serve the needs of the Students of Law of the First Year & it contains the most aspects of the legal systems & Leagal research. The Legal Method is an important subject in study of Law & considered as foundation of the subject. The book is split into eleventh Chapters. The Chapter one deals with the general Methods & Legal Method of the Study. The Chapter two is concerned to Jurisprudence & its Schools. The Chapter Third deals with the nature & Function of Law. The Chapter Fourth deals with sources of Law. Fifth discusses the Crime & Civil wrong. Sixth concerned to Constitution as basic Law. Seventh deals with Seperation of Power. Chapter Eightth is devoted to Legal System. Nineth  analyses to Moot Court, Mock Trial & Study Method.The chapter Tenth discusses about the Legal Profession & Professional Ethics. The Chapter Eleventh deals with the Legal Research & Legal Writing. The Language of the Book is Easy & understandable to Students..

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K. K. Publications Legal Method, Legal System & Legal Research For Law Students [HB] by Adv. Ashok Kumar

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