• LexisNexis's Cross on Evidence [HB] | J. D. Heydon | 10th Edn 2016

J. D. Heydon's Cross on Evidence is an authoritative book on the law of evidence in Australia.The title refers to Sir Rupert Cross who originally wrote this book in UK in 1958. This book incorporates all the statutory developments and changes in the existing Case Law.

  1. Introduction
  2. Facts which need not be Proved by Evidence
  3. Estoppel
  4. The Burden of Proof and Presumptions
  5. Degrees of Proof
  6. The Functions of Judge and Jury
  7. The Competence and Compellability of Witnesses
  8. Corroboration
  9. The Course of Evidence
  10. Character and Credibility
  11. Similar Fact Evidence
  12. Evidence by Accused Persons
  13. Privilege
  14. Public Interest
  15. Opinion
  16. The Rule against Hearsay
  17. The Rule against Hearsay : Principal Exceptions at Common Law
  18. The Rule against Hearsay : Statutory Exceptions
  19. The Dictrine of Res Gestae
  20. Documentary Evidence
  21. Proof of Frequently Recurring Matters

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LexisNexis's Cross on Evidence [HB] | J. D. Heydon | 10th Edn 2016

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