Understanding that today, valu based approah is critical for accounting students, this edition of tulsian's Financial Management For CA-IPC (Group - I) Strikes an effective balance between theory and Application. This self-study text retains its focuson aiding students in conceptualisin complex topics and is replete with illustrations and learning solutions to help them learn and understand what financial management is all about. Financial Management : A Self-Study Textbook serves as a tutor at home and is a trusted resource for Financial management students of CA Exam. The Distinctive feature of the book includes :
  1. Over 400 illustrations to reinforce understanding of Concepts and techniues.
  2. Over 350 Solved Problems (Including Quick revision) along with necessary working notes and alternative Solution.

Contents of the Book:

Tulsian's  Financial Management [CA-IPCC]( Group-I)- Self Study Textbook With Revision Book

  1. Introdunction of Business Financial Management.
  2. Time Value of Money.
  3. Capital Budgeting.
  4. Cost Of Capital.
  5. Leverage.
  6. Capital structure Theories.
  7. Working Capital Management- Esimation and Finance.
  8. Working Capital Management- Receivables Management.
  9. Working Capital Management- Inventory management.
  10. Working Capital Management- Cash Management.
  11. Sources Of Finance.
  12. Ratio Analysis.
  13. Cash Flow Statement.
  14. Funds Flow Statement.                             

Tulsian's Quick Revision For Financial Management  [CA- IPCC] (Group-1) Supplement to the Main Textbook.

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S. Chand's Financial Management for CA-IPCC Group-I With Quick Revision by Dr. PC Tulsian, 7e 2016

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